We supply leading brands such as Willard, Atlasbx, Duracell, E-Nex, Turn1-Dixon and now EFB batteries for all blue motion vehicles. We enjoy tremendous support from private vehicle owners and we can supply and fit batteries to virtually any car, truck, bike or quad.

Other applications include batteries for UPS systems, traction, deep cycle for split charging systems, generators, alarms and electric fencing, gate motors, solar, caravans, jet-skis and boats. In fact, if it has a battery we should be able to help you. We are also selling intelligent battery chargers (Enertec and Genius range).

We cater for both the retail and wholesale market, so if you need a single battery for your car or bulk purchases for your fleet, we will be able to assist. To ensure that we have the battery you need off the shelf we carry high stock levels as part of our focus on customer service. Another component of our customer focussed approach is our competitive pricing.

Choosing the correct battery type for your vehicle is essential and is best done by a battery specialist. Similarly, if you need advice on any other battery application, Capital Batteries Lynnwood will give you the right advice.

For your convenience we now also stock Bosch Wiper Blades for most vehicles.

Capital Batteries Lynnwood also now offers a mobile fitment service for their clients.