Willard Batteries

Willard Batteries is South African product which is owned by the Auto X group. Willard Batteries is one of those rare brand names that has truly found its way into the hearts and psyche of many South Africans. Acknowledged as a reliable, quality product that offers value for money, also a hard-working brand in terms of its ability to meet the needs of a diverse market.

Probe Batteries

Probe batteries are imported by Probe Corporation South Africa’s largest importer of automotive batteries.

All Probe batteries are 100% maintenance free.

AGM Batteries (Absorbent Glass Matt)

AGM batteries can power the most demanding vehicles and accessories with three times the endurance of conventional batteries. They are designed to meet the huge energy demands of vehicles equipped with advanced Start-Stop systems, such as regenerating braking.


  • Extreme Durability (3x life cycle compared to conventional batteries)
  • 100% leak & spill-proof 180°
  • Excellent starting power even at lower temperatures
  • Extremely minimal electric resistance, causing a quick reaction

EFB Batteries (Enhanced Flooded Battery)

Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) is a primary choice of vehicle manufacturers, is specially designed to meet and even go beyond all requirements of entry start stop vehicles heavily equipped with electronic devices.

Main Benefits

  • X3 times longer idling stop life cycle
  • Charge acceptance 130% up
  • Starting power 115% up

What is Start Stop System?

Start Stop system controls the engine to stop when the vehicle is not in movement and restart the engine when vehicles begin its acceleration. This technology helps to avoid unnecessary energy loss caused by idling and has in fact been proven to cut fuel consumption by 5-15%, as well to reduce CO2 emission and Start Stop system improves engine silence for the consumer’s driving comfort.

Varta Batteries

Made in Europe, Varta batteries are designed for vehicles of every class, even for luxury vehicles. Its excellence lies in its strength and reliability.

Truck Batteries

We stock most sizes of truck batteries.

Motorcycle Batteries

Various sizes and brands.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries for all kind of use, such as Solar, UPS systems, Gate Motors, Alarm Systems, Garage doors, Electric fencing and etc…

Intellegent Chargers

These Chargers can charge a 6V, 12V as 24Volts battery system, They have Intelligent charging system, LCD indication screen and battery charge Indicators. Maintain a battery charge level once a battery is fully charged.


Very reliable UPS system Inverters in stock.

Jump Starters

We stock powerful Jump starters to jumpstart almost any vehicle.

Vehicle Wiper Blades

Bosch wipers are made of natural rubber to enhance longevity and superb wiping performance in severe weather conditions. Get your wipers checked and fitted with your battery in a one-stop service at Capital Batteries Lynnwood.